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80# Paragon Concrete Mix(3500 PSI)

PARAGON CONCRETE MIXES are mixtures of fine and coarse aggregates meeting ASTM C-33 Specifications. The aggregates are dry blended with Portland Cement Type II / V meeting ASTM C-150 Specifications. The dry blending process ensures maximum coverage of cement particles on aggregate particles giving superior strength to the mixes.


  • Quality controlled
  • Dry blended for maximum strength
  • Consistent strengths bag to bag

Construction of:
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios

Setting of:
  • Fence Posts
  • Mail Boxes
  • Basketball Backboards
  • Sign Posts

Units Per Pallet Size Product # Color
56 60 LB Bag 15165 Grey
40 80 LB Bag 15185 Grey

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